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The Garden

The land on which the Villa stands is located in a dominant position under the slopes of Mount Tuscolo. The area of ​​the park that surrounds the Villa extends for more than 15,000 square meters and has a typically rural character. The nature of the green area is mainly arboreal, in the past made up of fruit trees, a limonaia, a vineyard, a small vegetable garden and an Italian garden.

Today the park is made up of tall, secular trees such as holm oaks, platani orientalis, which are supposed to be those represented in the fresco inside the Villa in the Eliseo Hall, cedars of Lebanon, Deodara cedars, jubaea chilensis palms, Caucasus pine and a sequoia. On the entrance to the villa in the past there were rows of horse chestnuts that were removed during the restorations.

In 1992 the ADSI (Italian Historic Houses Association) and the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) launched a national competition for the restoration of the Villa Grazioli Secular Park which was attended by 26 groups of highly qualified scholars from every part of Italy. That of the group chaired by the arch. Romano Greco which aims at enhancing the current presence of trees such as oaks, plane trees, cedars and Italian garden residues with its boxwood bushes.

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